How To Cope With Feeling Sad After You or Your SO Leaves

How To Cope With Feeling Sad After You or Your SO Leaves

You just had one of the best experiences of your life but you know that dreaded day is drawing near, the time to make your way back home. You get to the airport and you say your goodbyes, hug each other and then you both go your separate ways until you meet again. This is the hardest part of the trip and one that I have a hard time with every single time I have to leave my girl.

This is one of the most difficult parts of being in an LDR in general. You finally have that person you love in your arms and then you have to go home. This is where the incredibly hard part begins. Because there is nothing you would rather do than go back and hug them one last time. I have experienced this three times now and it makes me tear up every time I am in the line and I see her walking away. So what do you do to take your mind off of this pain that you’re feeling, while there is no sure way to just forget about your feelings here are some things that I found help take my mind off of the pain.


On the way home I usually like to open up a note app and write a very long message to my SO just thanking them for the amazing time we had and reminiscing on this little adventure we had. This usually makes me tear up but it puts me back to the good times that we just had which usually makes me smile while a lot while I’m writing this. If I have two flights this is really nice to do it for most of my first flight and it’s something my girl really loves when she gets a really sweet message about our trip.

Now if you think that writing a message like that might make you tear up a little more than you’re comfortable with then just begin writing a “book”! It can be whatever you find interesting whether it be a fantasy book or a horror book. When you start going it really just takes off and I find this to really take my mind off my heart hurting as much as it does. This is the best thing to do especially if you’re not looking to be serious about it and just want to spew ideas onto a page.

A Podcast or Audio Book

I’m a huge podcast and Audio Book fan. I go through quite a bit of episodes of some of my favorite podcast during flights. The nice thing about them is there is literally any topic that you can listen too. I personally go for the horror stories as they tend to make me focus a bit more on them than normal stories would. A good podcast can really help make the time go back fast and help your brain “turn off” in a sense in my experience!

Audio books are great if you want to perhaps knock out quite a good chunk of a classic that you’ve been meaning too depending on how long of a flight you have. I find audible’s free trial to be pretty nice if you have not signed up for it before because you get two free audio books and you can cancel before the trial is over if you decide it’s not for you but a really good bang for your buck in my opinion! I have just always been more of an audio person as I like to multitask so this is really helpful for me especially paired with a really decent narrator.

A Switch or DS

A Switch is an amazing thing to take with you when you decide to go on the trip to see your SO. It makes the trip there go by so much faster as well as help take your mind off everything on the way back. I find a lot of games on both the Switch and a DS to be really decent at be games you can just kinda get lost in and they pair really well with a podcast/audio book for a full distraction mode.

Now a switch can be pretty expensive and not everyone has about $300 to spend on one, this is where the next best thing comes in to play! You can buy a Nintendo 3DS on Ebay for about $120. That is a really great price for the amount of entertainment you get. The battery can easily last a few three hour flights which is really nice and the Pokemon games are my personal favorite paired with a podcast.

When You Finally Get Home…

Just let it out. Give it a hard cry and let yourself be sad, don’t just hold it in. You will feel so much better after you give yourself this time and just know that you will meet them again and be able to hold them in your arms. This only solidifies how you feel about the other person. No matter how many times you leave them it is always going to hurt but you will get stronger but one day you won’t have to leave them ever again, that’s the goal.

I hope this post helps you guys out, I know how hard it is especially to the person on the flight back because you’re trying not to just break down into tears on the way back home and you have to try and keep yourself preoccupied. I would really suggest at the very least checking out a 3DS and deciding if it’s something that you would be interested in because it really helps if you have a little game to fiddle around with.

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