Three Great Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas!

Three Great Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas!

You’re trying to find a gift for your SO and you’re running outta time. This can be a little stressful especially if your SO is really hyping up your gifts. Well no worries because you have come to the right place! My girl is always the absolute best at gifting so when I got in this relationship I really had to step up my game and so far I would say that I’ve done a pretty good job!

The most important thing to remember before we get into the gifts is that no matter what your SO will love it. Just take a breath and relax. My main thought process goes into the very little things that my girl likes that she might of mentioned in passing. A little trick that I do is whenever she says something that she might like, I write that down right away. Well without further ado let’s get to some of the best gifts for any long distance relationship!

A Care Package

This one is my personal favorite as you can just do so much with it. You can paint the inside of the box, you can line it with colored paper and just really go all out on it. Not that creative? That is totally okay! This is a staple in my ldr as my girl usually goes all out and makes me really cute drawings and does her little crafts. I am kinda the opposite! I try to draw my girl a little something but I mainly lean on some very sweet gifts that she did not see coming but are filled with love!

So how do you make the perfect gift box? I usually have it consist of about five or so gifts. I have a big gift which I usually either put at the bottom of the box or put a little note on it telling her to open it last, my most recent big gift I got my girl was a Nintendo 3DS which she loved. Then I sprinkle in a few other gifts such as a plush, a key chain thingy, a bunch of her favorite snacks, bath bombs and another little thing that I can find which won’t break the bank such as a horseshoe crab card as she loves her horseshoe crabs.

A Relationship Journal

This is something that my girl though of and it is honestly one of the best gifts I have ever received. So how this works is one person has the journal and you just sort of fill in all the cute memories you both are making and that’s pretty much it! It is so adorable after you finally get the journal back and you see their perspective on those little moments you have spent together.

Another cute aspect to this is when you finally meet. I make sure that I keep all the receipts and make sure to get a physical ticket if possible vs going digital, then I will take them into the journal so that when we look at the journal we can reminisce on those silly/fun times. My girlfriend and I started this a few months after we started our relationship and whenever I’m having a rough day I just take a little peak at it and it’s an instant mood booster for me.

A Bouquet of Flowers or Fruit

Now I’m sure some of you might think this is a bit too basic but this can instantly make someone’s day. If you are running short on time this might be your best shot to get them a gift that is both very sweet and quite the romantic thing to do! My girl loves her fruit so I would probably personally try to find a fruit bouquet place near where she lives and go from there!

Also a good idea is to ask what their favorite flowers are pretty early on in the relationship or at the very least in a nonchalant way so that they don’t see it coming. Once you find out WRITE THAT DOWN. I thought I would remember and I did for a good while but I had to ask her again a little while down the road because well, there is a hundred million different kind of flowers and it’s difficult to keep track of!


In conclusion I would say if you have enough time to spare a care package filled with a bunch of gifts is a great way for you to show off your creativity along with your love for your SO. The journal is something that you could start as well with the care package which is nice! I would be sure to have a few entries in there before you ship it though so that your SO has some entries to read!

These gifts can be whatever you want them to be and that’s one of the great parts about them. Want to make comic entries in the journal? Go for it! The Bouquet of flowers is mainly for last second gifts in my opinion. I love giving my girl physical items that I know she will treasure for the rest of her life. I hope this helps you guys out in your search for gifts!

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