Ways To Make Your Visit More Memorable and Special

Ways To Make Your Visit More Memorable and Special

When your SO is coming to visit you it can get to be a little stressful to be honest! You want to spend time with them but also make sure that they have an amazing time and leave with a bucket full of memories. This can be a lot to plan. What awesome things can you guys do that will one, be really adorable and that you can talk about for years to come.

First of all sorry everyone for the lack of a post this previous week. With the fourth of July and me working through the weekend it was tough. To get something out. I’m going to be doing my best to stay consistent and on schedule and this kind of in a weird way springs us into the topic of today’s blog! (My girlfriend is coming next month!

Checking Out Different Places Near Where You Are Planning

This one might be a little on the nose but in my opinion this is huge! Sure you want to go to the places that make your location stand out from the rest but going to a random place that you’ve wanted to go too just have never had the time is perfect for both you and them to create a unique memory that is now an official part of your relationships memories.

I’ve visited my girlfriend three times now and some of the best memories we’ve made are the ones that we had no plans for prior to the trip. Such as randomly deciding on going to a museum that was near the place we were originally going to go. That was over a year ago now and this is spur of the moment idea is brought of constantly and one of my favorite memories to look back on. My main advice to take from this is look at the areas around where you are already planning on going. You never know what you’re going to find!

Having A Song

A great idea for every trip in general is to have a song that you listen to during the trip. Whether you give life to an older song you haven’t listened too in a while or find a new song. If you’re like me you may have oh I don’t know, a hundred different love songs. I like to give life to one of these songs in sing it with her while we’re going places, it’s great because she can play the guitar so she’ll learn the chords and we’ll sing along together!

Having a song that you listen too and make into a memory will make you cherish those moments you two sang together and bring back memories of the times you listened during your trip. This can bring back the smells, the sights, and the whole moment itself which may lead to some tears but they’ll be happy tears.

Taking Plenty of Pictures

During my first visit I was just so happy to be there that we hardly took any pictures. You know living in the moment and what not. Well the one bummer about this is when I got home I had nothing to look back on. Sure I had a few cute pictures but I wanted more. That’s why this is a bit of a bigger one for me. Of course don’t just be on your phone that’s not what this is saying. I would try to take at minimum a few pictures every few places you go so that you can remember those special moments together.


So this is a shorter post than normal it’s just been a long week. These are some ideas that I personally find make trips special. If you guys have any ideas on what you’d like us to write about next be sure to send us an email: ourldrisforever@gmail.com

Thank you all so much for reading and next week we should be back on schedule! I hope you all have a great week and hopefully this helped some of you guys out who were overthinking about how to make the visit special!

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