Everything You Need to Know About Meeting for the First Time

Everything You Need to Know About Meeting for the First Time

Going to meet someone you’ve only known online can definitely be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when they’re someone you’re in love with. Seeing each other in person for the first time is such a defining moment in the relationship and it’s something you won’t ever forget.

Hello everyone! I started writing this article last month, however I also started college last month, which would explain my lack of blog posts, so my apologies for that! My posts should become more regular despite the rigorous coursework but I am figuring out a schedule! Nonetheless, I am super excited to have started a blog with my boyfriend and I really hope these readings can help you through your long-distance relationships!

Before you meet them:

1.) Have a loose plan on what to do together for your visit.

Before I met my guy (he flew down to visit me), I made a list of places I wanted to take him and activities for us to do. This is just a suggestion but it really helps you make the most of your time together and have things to look forward to. Like have a few restaurants in mind, some really cute cafes or big all day things like going to the zoo, the beach or something like that so you don’t waste any time laying around and wondering what to do next!

2.) Think of unique places to take your SO that are not found where they live!

It is important to consider going to places that are unique to where you live, so your SO can experience something new and get to know your town or your state a little better. Have them visit a place that means a lot to you personally, whether its your favorite local restaurant or a park in your neighborhood because this really adds another dimension of understanding and helps to shape your time together.

3.) Find them a special gift!

I really recommend finding a gift to give your SO (but make it a surprise of course hehe) because it is just so meaningful! Its a really nice gesture and it will always serve as a reminder of the memories you both made on your first visit and symbolizes how much you want them in your life even though they may be hundreds of miles away. Even a small gift like a picture frame, something handmade(if your artsy like me), or something unique to your SO’s interests is a really thoughtful way to show them you love them! Presenting it on the first day is a perfect way to set the lovey and sweet tone for your visit and even something small and inexpensive can make a big difference!

4.) Feeling nervous is normal!

Nervousness tends to have a negative connotation but this is a healthy kind of nervousness and it’s important to manage it and feed more into your excitement! The very moment you are waiting to meet you SO, your nerves will be going crazy and that’s okay because you are both going through the same thing! It’s definitely a good conversation piece that you both can talk through and if anything you should feel nervous because this is a big step you are taking and being together in person will feel different. Make sure to remain calm and look at things in a positive light so your anxiety or nervousness doesn’t hinder you from being yourself around them or cloud your perceptions of the whole situation!

Right when you meet them:

1.) It’s okay to be awkward.

Keep in mind, it is going to feel very surreal and might even be awkward for some time from the very first moment you are together and that is one thing you have to accept. As close as me and my boyfriend are and as much as we did hit it off, we still weren’t fully used to each other during that first visit and awkwardness is inevitable. It’s okay because that is the part that you get to work with each other on, and it brings you so much closer. This is a really special part of it though because after being together for a long time and maybe after meeting in person a few more times, you will be able to look back on those first moments you had with each other and see how much you’ve grown together.

2.) Be yourself.

Very “cliche” advice but the point is still a very important one. There is no reason to stress yourself out to try to impress them. By being yourself, you’ll be able to see if they truly get along with you and love you for you. If you put up a front and try to be something you’re not, it will make getting to know you very difficult and will cause more problems in the future. Of course make an effort to look nice and be prepared, but don’t worry about having everything be perfect because you want your focus to be on the connection the both of you have and how the other person makes you feel now that you are communicating face-to-face. Honesty is a really important part of who you are and as in any relationship, you shouldn’t have to fake anything just to get the other person’s approval or love. It should come naturally. Don’t force anything and you will truly see if this relationship or this person is right for you because an LDR is a big commitment and you have to trust and be fair to each other.

3.) Cherish every little moment.

Really take it all in and hug that person for as long and as tight as you can. Looking back on when I first saw my boyfriend, running up to him and hugging him was just the most special moment to me. Be sure to show your excitement and your love for them as much as you can because you will miss them so much the minute they leave.

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