About Us

Ben and Tori are the creators of this blog and we want to help support other couples like us with their LDRs! Here’s briefly how we met: Online. It was August 2017. We both found each other on a social media site called Vent, and from there we added each other on Instagram and began talking so much on Snapchat and messaging each other on every day. It was such a special connection for both of us! About 8 months later, we decided to make our relationship official. We have met in person 3 times and have been dating for over a year now! Our purpose is to be an inspiration to other long distance couples out there ♡

Tori Francis

Hi I’m Tori! I’m from South Florida and I’m 18 years old. I’m a Landscape Architecture student at the University of Florida this year and I have a passion for art, design and the environment! I also really love music and writing and I’m lucky to have so many creative outlets! I enjoy playing guitar, drawing and being in nature. My boyfriend is so supportive of everything I do and he truly brought out the best in me.

Ben Robak

Hey everybody my name is Ben and I’m one of the owners of this site! Here’s some cool snippets of info about me; I have the best/sassiest dog in the world, I love gaming, and I have the best girlfriend in the world! I’m one of those people who used to think that long distance relationships didn’t work and now here I am in the best relationship of my life with the most beautiful girl in the world. I hope you all enjoy reading the blog posts that we write! 🙂